ANZSCO code of popular engineering fields for skilled migration

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    ANZSCO Code for CDR

    ANZSCO Code List

    Here is the List of ANZSCO codes and skilled occupation names for popular Engineering professions in Australia.

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    ANZSCO Code

    ANZSCO Code for CDR Report

    All Australian and New Zealand professions are classified using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Codes. This system is for collecting, publishing, and analyzing occupational data. It is essential to choose the correct ANZSCO Code when assessing engineers’ migration skills. 

    Using the ANZSCO code provided below, you can quickly determine whether you are eligible for the correct engineering stream that Engineers Australia directly assesses. The applicants must confirm the ANZSCO code before proceeding to the skilled assessment. Once you know your ANZSCO Code, MLTSSL stands for medium and long-term strategic skill list, while STSOL stands for short-term skilled occupation list. So that you can figure out what term your job is on. 

    ANZSCO Code

    The ANZSCO Unit group excludes completely illegal occupations in New Zealand and all Australian States and Territories because they are not permitted. Major group, sub-major group, minor group, unit group, and occupation are the five hierarchical levels of the ANZSCO structure. An occupation is a subset of all the categories at the most detailed level of classification. These are then subdivided into unit groups,’ which are then subdivided into minor groups.’ Minor groups are combined at the highest level to form “sub-major groups,” which are then combined to form “major groups.”

    All occupations and jobs performed for pay or profit in the Australian and New Zealand labor markets and all jobs performed by candidates are included in the scope of ANZSCO. Plagiarism will not be tolerated if it is used as a source of information. ANZSCO, on the other hand, is free to describe such activities. 

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    ANZSCO Authorities

    ANZSCO Authorities for Engineers Australia

    There are designated assessing authorities for Engineers Australia Skilled Migration specific to professions or a professional unit group. The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is used to determine whether you are eligible for Australian Immigration based on your occupation. ANZSCO is also the system that collects, publishes, and analyzes occupational statistics for various government departments. Each occupation is assigned an ANZSCO code that focuses on different occupation titles and sub-types in the field.

    The ANZSCO codes information is intended to assist candidates in recommending an engineering occupation and includes an example of each occupation’s job duties. The ANZSCO Code for Civil Engineer, for example, is 233211. In this case, you must demonstrate your qualification and experience in the field of Civil Engineering in a Career Episode for Engineers Australia migration skills assessment.

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    ANZSCO Code Tips

    Tips on Selecting a relevant ANZSCO Code

     Here are some significant considerations that need to be taken when you choose a specific occupation in ANZSCO for the Engineers Australia skills assessment. How might you select the right code for your occupation?