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Submit three career episode with CDR report for Engineers Australia

You must submit three career episodes with distinct projects that show your skill, knowledge, and other competencies to get a positive outcome in migration skill assessment.

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    Career Episode Report

    What is Career Episode ?

    Career episode is the most important part of the CDR report. It reflects your skill, knowledge, capacity as well as work experience in the engineering field. Engineers Australia checks your ability through career episodes for a skill migration visa.

    Three career episode is submitted to Engineers Australia that showcases the applicant’s competencies. You have to choose three different projects for three career episodes. You must choose the best projects and further, it needs to be elaborated to show your engineering competencies.

    Occupational Categories Characterized by Engineer Australia

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    Why do we write Career Episodes in the CDR? Are you considering getting your CDR report prepared by the professionals? Although there are a number of online agencies available to assist you with your CDR needs, it is important that you select the best one to assist you with writing your career episode. The complete CDR Report includes CPD, Career Episodes and Summary Statements. Each section of the report has its own framework and it needs to be followed as mentioned in the MSA booklet by Engineers Australia. Let’s discuss more about career episode writing.

    Career Episode Writing Service

    Topics for Career Episode Writing

    Since you need to write three Career Episodes in CDR, you need to carefully choose the topics of your career series. Here are three opportunities for incorporating the competency elements listed by EA into specific experiences related to your profession.

    Perfect Career Episode

    7 Essential Tips for Writing Perfect Career Episode

    Prepare a perfect career episode to get a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia. Choose the best project that mostly showcases your knowledge and skill in the respective occupation.

    Here are the seven essential tips for career episode writing based on the guidelines provided by Migration Skills Assessment Booklet.

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    Guideline and Format

    Career Episode Format

    The format of each career episode should be based on essay form and not a table. PDF file must not be submitted. The format for each career episode is as below:

    Career Episode Format
    The summary must be of 50-10 words summing up all your impressions of activities related to engineering and your role in it. You should present your view of the entire project and your personal role that you contributed to the project to meet the goals and requirements.
    This section puts things in place and gives the context wherein you have been studying/working. It must be described within 200-500 words. It ought to incorporate the idea of the general engineering project along with the objectives of the project. In addition to this, the nature of your specific work zone and a graph of the organizational structure must be included featuring your position, related to the profession career episode. And most importantly, you need to give an official obligation statement where available.
    This is the body of the narrative and the key assessable part. It should be around 600-1500 words. The detail of the real work performed by you must be described in this section. You should state what you did and afterward describe how you did it. It isn’t adequate to describe the exercises performed by a group or team – your own roles and responsibilities must be plainly distinguished. Keep in mind; it is your own personal engineering capabilities that are being evaluated. In this section, you ought to incorporate the way you applied your engineering knowledge and abilities and the assignments appointed to you and how you went about achieving them. Moreover, specific technical challenges/issues you experienced should be included along with the way you settled them. You should also encompass the methodologies contrived by you including any original or imaginative design work. Lastly, your team working skills should be demonstrated.
    The summary must be of 50-10 words summing up all your impressions of activities related to engineering and your role in it. You should present your view of the entire project and your personal role that you contributed to the project to meet the goals and requirements.

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    Career Episode

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