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    Competency Demonstration Report

    What is CDR ?

    Competency Demonstration Report, more popularly known as CDR is a technical document that demonstrates the skills of engineers who want Australia’s Skilled Migration Visa. EA is the assessing authority for skilled immigration applications. Engineers Australia (EA) states the guidelines on how to prepare the CDR Report on the MSA booklet.

    Engineers Australia state that you should prepare your own CDR so that your skill and knowledge are sincerely described on the CDR report. But, if you submit a poorly written CDR report, then there are high chances of getting rejected by Engineers Australia. So such candidates can take help from CDRWritingExpert. We offer assistance to prepare a CDR that can aid engineers to win positive evaluations from the EA. It is important to get a positive assessment from EA to get a skill migration visa for Australia.

    Documents Required for CDR Report

    Our Services

    CDR Report Writing Service

    CDRWritingExpert offers an outstanding CDR writing service for any engineering discipline. We have certified and professional engineers writers from numerous engineering sub-branches to give the finest CDR report writing services. The important part of Migration Skills Assessment involves the preparation of the CDR report.

    Our professional writers are completely aware of the criteria and guidelines set by Engineers Australia for the preparation of CDR reports. They ensure all the technical details necessary to demonstrate your particular knowledge and skills in engineering through the CDR are included. Our services include the preparation of detailed CVs, Career Episodes (CEs), Summary Statement (SS), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in addition to CDR proofreading.

    CDR Report Writing Service

    Eligible to Apply CDR for Skilled Visa Migration

    Who are eligible to apply for skilled visa migration? All the engineers fit in four categories ie. Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Manager are eligible to migrate to Australia as skilled professionals.

    Professional Engineers

    A professional engineer requires an academic qualification of a four-year Australian bachelor’s degree in engineering from a university after completing 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

    Engineering Technologist

    An Engineering Technologist requires an academic qualification of three years of Australian bachelor’s degree in engineering completing 12 years of education or equivalent.

    Engineering Associate

    An Engineering Associate requires a two-year Australian Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering after 12 years of education or equivalent.

    Engineering Manager

     An Engineering Manager requires an academic prerequisite of bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or a related subject after 12 years of schooling or equivalent.


    Prerequisites of CDR writing services needed to pass the immigration test

     Here are some significant considerations that need to be taken when you choose a specific occupation in ANZSCO for the Engineers Australia skills assessment. How might you select the right code for your occupation?

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    Steps in Preparation of CDR

    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a platform through which those engineers who are looking forward to getting Australia’s Skilled Migration Visa demonstrate their skills. 

    Read Guidelines and Samples
    STEP 01

    Read Guidelines and Samples

    Before starting to prepare the CDR report you must carefully read the migration skill assessment guidelines provided in the MSA booklet. Engineers Australia issue the guidelines which contain every detail like preparation of Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD. You can take the reference from the CDR sample found online in reliable sources.

    STEP 02


    You must choose the three projects to start writing Career Episodes. Choosing the projects and preparing three career episodes with different projects is a crucial part. You must add essential technical details including figures, simple calculations, etc., and details that aren’t that critical need to be left out as the word count limit is mentioned in the MSA booklet. As the career episode shows your skill and knowledge in the respective field. It’s always best to hire professionals.  

    Start CDR Writing

    STEP 03

    Revise and Reflect

    After you prepare the Career Episodes, you must prepare their corresponding summary statements and the CPD. The next step is to gather all the documents and check if all the technical parts have been included or your CDR report. In addition to that grammatical mistakes and spelling errors must also be thoroughly checked to maintain language quality.

    STEP 04

    Look for Advisors:

    Even though you complete your CDR report by following all the guidelines, it may lack professionalism and quality. Engineers Australia rejects the report with plagiarism and low-quality content. So, you can seek advice and suggestion from CDRWritingExpert. Since you have no idea about how Engineers Australia is going to be assessed your CDR report, it is a wise decision to have a consultation from the professionals.


    CDR Writing Help

    Reasons to Seeks CDR Writing Help?

    There are various reasons where applicants would seek help from CDR writing service providers in Australia to get a skills visa migration.

    According to Engineers Australia, the CDR report must be completed within the time limit of 12 weeks. The applicants need to prepare the CDR report by following all the guidelines set by EA. You have to choose the suitable projects for the career episode and showcase your actual skill and knowledge through that report. You need to have original content and complete it while maintaining the quality. Of course, 12 weeks is not enough to understand and prepare for such a lengthy and essential task. Therefore, you would need help from the CDR service provider because EA only approves high-quality reports.

    The primary purpose of preparing a CDR report is to show your competencies for the engineering discipline you have applied for. Engineers Australia (EA) only approves those applicants who can demonstrate their skill and knowledge through CDR reports. If you can’t prepare the perfect CDR report and fail to maintain the report’s quality, you have to face rejection from EA. Therefore, you have to deal with all the uncertainties that come with the CDR report’s rejection. So, you must seek help from CDR writing experts to get approval on your first try.

    Not all CDR report indeed gets approved by EA. Therefore, there are high chances of getting rejection if your CDR report is not adequate. However, most applicants fear getting rejected, so they don’t put in their best effort. They doubt their work and are not capable of producing the perfect CDR. There is nothing to be fear as CDRWritingExpert provides the best CDR writing services at an affordable cost. You can trust our professional CDR writing experts and minimize the chances of getting rejected.

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