Should three career episodes be completely different in a CDR?

Three career episode be completely different in a cdr
Every Competency Development Report that is to be submitted to the EA (Engineers Australia), must comprise of three Career Episodes making it an integral part of the report. It is required by Engineers Australia (EA) to judge whether your engineering skills and knowledge match the Australian standards or not.

The purpose of Career Episode is greater than just being a part of CDR Writing. It helps Engineers Australia to certify if the engineer is fit for the specific kind of occupational category or not. So, yes, the projects used in all the three career episodes must be completely different. Career Episodes show that you have applied knowledge and skills for your nominated occupation. Since you have to write three CEs in CDR, you need to choose your career episode topics wisely. Each career episode should be based on a specific period or distinct aspect of your engineering activity, and all three episodes should be from different periods or aspects of your engineering activity. It is important to provide evidence that how you have applied engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation.

The main purpose of the projects is to reflect the growth of your engineering journey, your work experience, ideas, qualities and skills. These three Career Episodes will demonstrate what you have researched and contributed to your projects. These projects are required to be from different timelines in the journey of engineering which shows constructive growth. For example, in the first career episode, you can demonstrate the project you completed when studying Bachelor’s degree in engineering, the second career episode can be the project that you did during your job, and the third can include the project you accomplished during your higher level studies. You are required to present this in a very organized way which makes you perfect for the jobs in the eyes of Engineers Australia.

Our professional writers and engineers have provided few tips on writing exceptional Career Episodes. You can refer it before writing your CDR.