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    What is RPL Report?

    Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) is a report for assessing individual skills who want to migrate to Australia and start a career in ICT but do not have ICT qualifications or any tertiary ICT qualification. Australian Computer Society(ACS) checks these individual applicants’ necessary skills before migrating to Australia.

    ICT Professionals have to provide their qualifications and work experience to the ACS for Australia Migration Skill Assessment. For that reason, applicants have to submit ACS RPL Report Form for those who have no tertiary ICT qualification.

    Required Documents for ACS Skill Assessment

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    RPL Report Writing Services

    For applicants in information and communication technology, the Australian Computer Society conducts a skill assessment (ACS). ACS RPL report writing services are available for ICT professionals who want to migrate to Australia. CDRWritingExpert is a group of highly skilled IT professionals capable of preparing RPL reports for the Australian Computer Society. We provide the best ACS RPL report writing service available with the help of a team of RPL report writing experts. We make sure that all of ACS’s RPL report requirements are met. Our experts are available to guide and assist you in any way they can, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    RPL Report Writing Services

    Who Needs ACS RPL Report?

    There are two categories of applicants who need to submit the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report for migration skills assessment

    Non ICT Qualification comparable to AQF Diploma or Higher

    The applicant with the qualification of AQF Diploma or higher but have insufficient ICT content, will require 6 years relevant work experience completed anytime in their employment period.

    No tertiary qualification - work experience only

    The applicants who have no tertiary educational qualification will require 8 years of relevant work experience and the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application for migration skills assessment.


    Steps in Preparation of RPL Report

    ACS RPL is a technical report used to evaluate applicants for Australia migration Visa demonstrate their skills.
    Read Guidelines and Samples
    STEP 01

    Read Guidelines and Samples

    At first, you must read and understand the ACS guidelines. You can take reference from the RPL samples to know more about RPL Report. ACS requires applicants to submit a report outlining their qualifications and work experience in information and communication technology (ICT). The RPL report is submitted by applicants who do not have an ICT background or who work in a non-ICT field.

    STEP 02

    Start Writing

    Start writing right away after you’ve planned out what you’re going to write. Ensure you’ve covered all of the technical requirements and that the sentences you’ve used are grammatically sound. Hiring a writer to assist you in completing your report is a good idea. At CDRWritingExpert, we have a team of experts who can assist you in writing RPL reports.

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    STEP 03

    Revise and Reflect

    After you’ve finished writing the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report, go over it again to make sure you’ve included all of the technical details. Always check the grammar and spelling errors of the entire document. The next step is to gather all the documents and check if all the technical parts have been included or your RPL report. In addition to that, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors must also be thoroughly checked to maintain language quality.

    STEP 04

    Look for Professional Advisor

    Even though you complete your RPL report by following all the guidelines, it may lack professionalism and quality. The ACS board rejects the report with plagiarism and low-quality content. So, you can seek advice and suggestions from CDRWritingExpert. Since you have no idea about how ACS is going to be assessed in your RPL report, it is a wise decision to have a consultation with the professionals.


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    Format of ACS RPL Report

    You can find the RPL Project Report Form on the ACS’s website. This form is used to fill out the specifics of your project. There are two sections to this form that you must complete, as explained below.

    Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

    This section contains two ICT Knowledge: Essential ICT Knowledge and General ICT Knowledge.

    Essential Core ICT Knowledge
    It covers two topics where applicants can choose only one topic.
    Professional knowledge of various aspects of ICT is gained in two situations. Whether it’s through academics or work experience, there are many subtopics under this, but only two must be chosen and explained based on the projects you did at different companies.
    Sub Topics
    • Communication
    • Professionalism
    • Ethics
    • Team Work
    • Social Conflicts
    This body of knowledge lays out the creative and innovative concepts that any ICT professional will need. There are three sub-topics in this, and you must choose two of them.
    Sub Topic:
    • Problem Solving Technique
    • Abstraction Handing Methods and Tools
    • Modeling process

    General ICT Knowledge

    The General ICT Knowledge stream Consists of three topics, out of which only one is to be chosen by the applicant and explained according to the project they did.

    On this topic, you have to choose two sub-topics from three sub-topics. Those two sub-topics must explain.
    • Hardware and Software Fundamentals
    • Data and Information Management
    • Data Communications and Networking
    There are three sub-topics under this topic from then two of them have to be chosen and explain. Sub Topic:
      • Human Factor
      • Programming
      • Information System Development and Acquisition
    There are Four sub-topics under this topic from than three of them have to be chosen and explain.
    Sub Topic:
    • IT Governance and Organizational Issue
    • IT Project Management
    • ICT Service Management Security Management

    Section 2: RPL Project Report

    You must submit two project reports for this: one for a project completed within the last three years and the other for a project completed within the last five years. Each report’s form has several dedicated sections, as detailed below: In this section, you must provide details about the projects you have chosen.

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    Tips for Writing ACS RPL Report

    Candidates must demonstrate how they acquired their ICT knowledge and submit two Project Reports on ACS RPL Form as part of their RPL application. Here are some expert tips for writing an ACS RPL report:

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