Write your perfect Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL Report

Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL Report

RPL skill assessments are often used by candidates who do not have any ICT skills or tertiary ICT qualifications. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) will review your competence evaluation before deciding whether you are eligible to move to Australia. As a result, applicants who would not usually meet the ICT criteria can have their knowledge and abilities assessed through RPL reports under the ACS Migration Skills Assessment. The RPL report format is one we’re already familiar with. Check the document checklist if you’re unsure about something.

An employment reference letter might also assist you to achieve that good ACS result. Work experience must be professional ICT level and linked to the specified ANZSCO Code to be deemed suitable for migration skills assessment

What is Skilled Employment for RPL Report? 

An employment opportunity with at least 20 hours per week and remuneration can be considered for skill evaluation purposes. The task that will be evaluated must be done to the appropriate level of depth and complexity for the job. Compensation should also be commensurate with the degree of expertise necessary. Please bear in mind that unpaid/partially paid leave or volunteer work will not be considered paid labor for the purposes of assessing abilities at the required skill level for a particular occupation.

After passing the ACS eligibility requirements, the employment will be classified as Skilled Employment and eligible for migration points. Work experience, on the other hand, is not considered Skilled Employment, and so does not qualify for migration PR points.

Format for Employment Reference Letter

The employment reference letter includes your educational qualifications, professional experience, abilities, and competence. Candidates must submit an RPL report with a work reference letter from their previous employer. The ACS society will assess your RPL report based on your job history and experiences.

Work experience must be at a professional ICT level and related to the intended occupation in order for migration skills evaluation to be judged acceptable.

The following are the guidelines for writing an employment reference letter:

  • Dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY throughout the whole period of the job.
  • Worked position in the relevant field.
  • Duties accomplished while in the workplace.
  • State all the previous positions and responsibilities
  • Provide the Working hour’s details( Min 20 hr/week)
  • Provide the address where work had been done.
  • Always include organizational letterhead signature by an authorized individual.
  • Organizational letterhead signed by an authorized individual ( (digital signatures are acceptable and must be verifiable)

Points to Consider When Writing an Employment Reference Letter

  • If you are presently working, the employer reference letter should include the words “To Date” as well as the date the letter was written.
  • Your experience will only be considered up to the time you submit your application.
  • The applicability of your work reference’s description of duties to your stated occupation is determined by the description of responsibilities in your work reference.
  • The work episode will be judged unsuitable if dates or duties are unclear or open to interpretation.
  • Work experience gained as part of the qualification is listed as “Concurrent Employment” and is not considered skilled employment.
  • Work experience gained before the age of 18 will not be considered for skilled employment and will be recorded as “not professional level ICT experience.”
  • “Not Suitable due to insufficient information” will be assigned to generic references that do not provide specific duties.
  • Tasks copied and pasted from ANZSCO will not be accepted as references.

For each episode of work, an employment reference letter is necessary. All references must provide specific information from the employer regarding your employment duties and talents. References must be signed by your employer or a person authorized by your company. The referring person’s name, work title, and contact information must all be mentioned properly.

How do you submit your Employment Reference Letter?

While completing online applications, applicants must divide employment episodes to identify “Australian” and “International” work.

Australia Employment:

Each duration of employment inside Australia must be written individually in the online application.

Outside Australia Employment:

If you’ve worked for several companies or outside of Australia, your employment is divided into Australian employment episodes; each period of employment outside of Australia must be recorded individually in the online application.

Assume you’ve worked for the same company and in the same or a substantially related occupation in a number of countries (excluding Australia). In such instances, it should be listed as a single period of employment outside of Australia on the online application.

When will your Work experience be termed unsuitable? 


1. Working at different employer at the Same Time

Only one employment event is recognized at any one time if the candidates finish one employment period while concurrently working on another.

2. ANZSCO is not related to the nominated ANZSCO

Based on the information provided in the application, the indicated obligations were determined to be irrelevant to the designated occupation.

3. Insufficient documentation leads to failed assessment.

It shall be deemed not assessed if the documentation provided does not match the standards of the ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines or is inadequate to meet the assessment criteria.

4. Lack of detail causes the work episode not evaluable.

We are unable to make an assessment because the information provided is insufficient.

5. Questions Regarding Result Letters

Candidates should contact the ACS via email with their Application ID reference number if they have any questions regarding the assessment results.

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