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Think about preparing a summary statement on your own? Then you are on the right track. Our list below includes all the necessary information for preparing a professional summary statement for your CDR report.

What is a summary statement for a CDR report?

The summary statement at the end of your CDR report highlights your engineering skills and knowledge. Applicants must prepare a summary statement that is easy to understand for Engineer Australia’s accessor.

It is crucial that you have a good understanding of how the summary statement should be formatted before you begin. Reports describing your engineering activities are required for three career episodes. Your summary statement summarizes your career episode.

Check your career episode report to ensure that you have included all the competency components for the occupational category you selected. Include the outcome of your analysis in your summary statement.

If you have been nominated for a specific job category, you will need to complete the required summary statement.

What is the best way to prepare a summary statement?

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Australia is a popular destination for engineers. They must first complete a series of assessments before they are eligible to work as an engineer in Australia. Applicants must submit their CDR reports in order to take the skill assessment test.

 The CDR report is a collection of documents that represent engineers’ qualifications, knowledge, experience, and competence. An Engineers Australia migration skill assessment requires a Summary Statement at the end of the CDR report.

The summary statement summarizes the career episode that you mentioned in your CDR. Candidates must analyze their career episode report and hence cover a cross-reference in the summary statement to the relevant career episode report paragraph.

It is important for you to understand that it makes the assessment process easier because it is part of your competency demonstration report.

Review all three career episode reports ensuring you have included all of the competency components for the chosen occupational category. You should include the results of your analysis in your summary statement.

Your summary statement links the competency aspects with specific paragraphs in your career episode. It is imperative that you format your summary statement report correctly and publish it in a paragraph.

What should you include in your summary statement? 

Depending on your abilities and involvement in the engineering field, engineers can influence CDR in four ways in your summary statement. Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Manager, and Engineering Associate are the four classes you mentioned in your summary statement.

Guidelines for the preparation of the professional engineer summary statement can be found in a Migration Skill Assessment Booklet provided by Engineers Australia.

Summary Statement is divided into three categories as follows:

  • Knowledge and Skill Base
  • Engineering Application Ability
  • Professional and Personal Attributes.

Categories for Summary Statement


1. Knowledge and skill base

You can demonstrate your engineering knowledge and talents through this section of the summary statement. Include at least two of the items in this section.

2. Engineering application ability

You should explain your engineering ability and what you have done in the field of engineering in this section. You should mention at least three things in this section.

3. Professional and personal attributes

It is important to include your engineering skills and characteristics such as work ethics and communication skills in this section.

Format for a professional summary statement sample

The purpose of the Professional Summary Statement Sample is to help you gain an understanding of the document’s parts, formats, and items that need to be included.

An effective and appropriate Summary Statement must be written. Readers and evaluators should be introduced early on in the CDR report.

You now know how to write a professional summary statement on your own. 

Tips for writing a perfect summary statement for your CDR report

Your Career Episode completely determines your Summary Statement. Prepare your career episode in the correct format first. You should review your career episode one more time, before beginning to write your summary statement report, to determine if they are in compliance with migration skill assessment requirements for engineers in Australia.

You should mention career episodes in paragraph format and name each paragraph CE 1, CE 1.1, CE 2, CE 2.1, etc. It will also be easier for you to make cross-references as well as to access the indicators with your career episode if you mention paragraphs in this format.

Analyze your career episode many times and make sure you understand competency indicators.

One-page summary statements are not mandatory. You must provide a summary that references all of your career experiences. You do not have to mention all the details but make sure you do and make sure your career episode report provides the best explanation for each competency indicator.

Finally, you can review some sample summary statements for Engineers Australia as a reference before writing your own summary statement in order to gain an understanding of how to write it.

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