10 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes by Applicants for Skill Assessment

10 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes

Do you want to know the most common mistakes in CDR reports before you write one? Writing a practical report would not be accessible without any proper guidance. CDRWritingExpert guides you to prepare a CDR report by avoiding the most common CDR report mistakes. A CDR report contains an engineer’s qualifications, skills, experience, and competence.

You must pass Engineers Australia’s skills assessment report before you can migrate to Australia and work as an engineer.

Applicants for Skills Assessment make many mistakes in their CDR reports, resulting in hundreds of rejections every year.

CDR reports that are not appropriately written will likely be rejected. Minor mistakes in reports can affect evaluation results; in some cases, candidates were banned for a year. A mistake can also disable your chances of pursuing a successful join.

We at CDR Writers recognize that you might be a candidate from a prestigious field. And you may believe that preparing a CDR report is simple, and in this instance, making a CDR report is a difficult task.

Therefore, you must write your competency demonstration report very carefully. To better understand what goes inside a CDR report, including structure, episodes, language, word count, and many other factors, you can also read a migration skill assessment booklet published by Engineers Australia.

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Here are a few common mistakes that are made while preparing a CDR report.

1. The CDR report copied from the internet

It might be you are getting so many CDR reports available on the internet. But they are only for reference. You might be rejected from the Skills Assessment Test if you copy CDR reports from the internet or if you have any plagiarism on your CDR report. Because the officials conducting Skills Assessment Tests are highly skilled and professional, they maintain such criteria to evaluate your application. The report quickly appears to be duplicative and unoriginal.

Your content might be suspended for a year if it is found to be copied from others, and reappearing will be extremely difficult.

You should never submit a CDR report that is plagiarized. All the CDR samples found on the internet are only for educational purposes.

2. CDR in another language than English

Engineer Australia requires you to submit your CDR report in Australian English. CDR report must be in the English language. You must convert your career episode from another language to English if you composed it in a language other than English. Engineers Australia may not be able to read your CDR if it is not in English.

While preparing a CDR report, it is common to prepare the report in a different format. If you think you are not an English language expert, you can hire CDRWritingExpert.

3. Grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors

When you submit your report to Engineers Australia, you deliver a formal document that a professional should have created. As a result, you must pay great attention to your report formatting, spelling, grammar, and sentence flow.

So while submitting your report to the EA, ensure that are no spelling or grammatical errors, formatting problems, and sentence flow problems. They are the significant concerns area that is frequently overlooked.

4. Inaccurate Information

One of the main CDR report mistakes made by engineers is that they use false content such as counterfeit projects, credentials, experience, or other phony information to enhance your chances of passing the Skill Assessment Test.

So avoid utilizing such mistakes as this is a violation of rules which may lead to the rejection of the report, and decisive action was taken against you if it is shown to be untrue.

So the most important fact is to avoid using any point that you would be unable to back up if questioned by Engineers Australian.

5. Insufficient information

CDR reports may also be rejected for lack of information such as duration, address, company profile, and objective. In your report, you must include time, address, company profile, and purpose in chronological order.

As part of your education certification, you must choose a decent project and include it in your CDR report. If you cannot fit your project or your project objective does not satisfy the criteria, it might have hampered your application, and your CDR report got rejected.

Your CDR report must include accurate and sufficient information in order for it to be accepted.

6. Total number of words

Engineers Australia specifies the number of words written in each part of CDR reports. The word limit for each career episode must be at least 1000 words long and not more than 2500 words long. CDR rejection can be caused by extending your career episodes and providing extra details.

In order to meet Engineer Australia standards, you must include only the essential information and address it within a limited amount of words.

7. Excessive technical detail

Including some technical information in your report is okay, but including too many technical details on each report, such as tables, excessive calculations, charts, pictures, etc., can degrade the quality of your CDR report. CDR reports are official documents that are written by skilled and knowledgeable writers without using excessive technical terminology.

That’s why a CDR report must include essential information rather than extended and elaborated information. Using excessive technical details is a common CDR report mistake made by applicants.

8. Dividing one project into two career episodes

Most applicants divide the same project into two pieces and include each part in its own career episode when preparing a career episode. Each career episode must end with a completed project, according to Engineers Australia.

A Mechanical Engineer created her career episode based on her work completed during her engineering course in the seventh and eighth semesters. The main objective of this project was to develop the Construction and Development of multi-story Architecture.

When she was in the seventh semester, she completed her first project. The project included formulating a research question, developing a research strategy, designing and selecting methods, and writing a research proposal. As a result, she talked about this project in her first Career Episode.

In the eight-semester, you complete the second project. The project goals included a literature review, data collection, designing a multi-story building selecting material, observing the result, and preparing a final report.

Even though these two projects had separate grades and were completed for different goals during her academic career, Engineers Australia considers them to be the elements of the same project because she completed both projects to model and construct multi-story Buildings.

Engineers Australia views your project as a single project completed in your seventh and eighth semesters.

9. Absence of a problem statement

This is one of the primary reasons for rejecting the CDR report. You have to make sure to include problem statements and measures you took to solve them in your career episode report.

10. Mention only your own experiences

Your CDR report describes your activities and experiences from your working life. It is a group project, and you must include your contribution and experience to the project in your report. Never mention your whole team in your report.

Engineers Australia will only assess your skill but not your whole team. So always keep in mind while preparing the CDR report, you only have to mention your contribution and participation in the project.

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