What Is KA02 Report ?

KA02 Report

Knowledge Assessment KA02 Report is a technical evaluation report for applicants who wish to migrate to New Zealand. Before they can be eligible to migrate to New Zealand, applicants should have the necessary skills and knowledge. Engineering New Zealand was previously known as The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ).

It is an engineers ‘ professional non-profit organization that works to promote the interests and integrity of its members, the engineering profession, and the industry as a whole. The institution serves the voice of ‘ engineers ‘ and provides advice on all matters related to the profession to its members, employers, and government. It also accredits New Zealand’s skilled immigration visa applicants ‘ engineering qualifications per internationally benchmarked standards (which in this case essentially means the standards of the Washington Accord).

You will need to show that you have the requisite experience in a particular area of expertise and that you can work independently in your profession for skilled immigration to New Zealand. You will have to either prepare the Knowledge Assessment report or register as a Chartered Professional Engineer.

Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) eligibility requirements:

    • To demonstrate that you meet the competency standards, it requires that you meet the assessment requirements.
    • It requires an engineering qualification that is accredited by the Washington Accord in your domain,
    • It needs the commitment to the code of conduct of CPEng and agrees to be re-evaluated every six years.

The KA02 Report (Knowledge Assessment 02 report) allows engineers from abroad who do not have Washington Accord qualifications to apply for an immigration assessment of New Zealand. This report enables you to illustrate the necessary skills and knowledge in engineering-which you can demonstrate by narrating Study or Work Episodes and where you gained, acquired, and applied those skills. You must also send some Work Documents to prove that you were working on the complex engineering issues that you listed in your study.

Common problems Skilled Immigration New Zealand applicants face

Engineering guidelines for New Zealand or IPENZ are very specific about the elements you require to include in your KA02 report. Nevertheless, you need to fully understand what the ‘complex engineering problems’ exactly mean. has a team of dedicated, qualified engineers who understand the nuances of your particular domain very well and can help you to come up with the Work Episodes that can properly and adequately highlight each element.

Language skills are often a serious pain for international engineers searching forward for skilled immigration to New Zealand. The preparation of a document on KA02 requires proper writing skills in English. It must be grammatically correct to show that you have good communication skills. Clearly remember that once a KA02 document is dismissed, it is no use to resubmit it for evaluation. In the area of skill evaluations, IPENZ is known for its strict regulations.

The competency evaluation process of IPENZ is based on evidence. To prove that you have worked on the project you wrote about in your work episode you need to send work records, email correspondences, or documents. You may have to prepare them if you don’t have the documents with you. The absence of calculations, measurements, charts, maps, and parts relating to your episodes of work may result in your KA02 report being rejected.

Normally people have 1-4 episodes of work in their KA02 report and if you don’t know what to concentrate on or how to illustrate your technical skills and expertise, you may struggle to make the report that can put you in the right light.

IPENZ has a deadline for submitting your KA02 report. Usually, three to six months before your evaluation date, you will receive a reminder email. But if you don’t, it’s up to you to ask about your deadline for submission. Waiting for your KA02 report until the last minute can be fatal to your visa application.

How can CDRWritingExpert help you in your New Zealand immigration process?

Our team of dedicated skilled engineers with extensive experience in various fields is capable of gathering the appropriate kind of data for you, finding opportunities to demonstrate your technical skills and knowledge, and tailoring a KA02 report that is ideally matched with your unique CV or resume.

With their experience in the industry, offering you ideas and suggestions on what Study Episodes and Work Episodes you could include in your Knowledge Assessment Report is easier for them.

For several years, our engineers have been providing report writing services to skilled New Zealand immigration applicants – and have well understood what IPENZ assessors are looking for in a specific report. In the work episodes, they build they will add various elements(of your particular domain) for you exactly where they should be.

Once the KA02 report is prepared for you by an engineer, it is reviewed by another engineer from the same or closely related domain to confirm that the technologies and other specialties listed in your work episodes are in line with the ANZSCO Code you are applying for.

We have a separate team of professional editors and proofreaders who review the reports for grammatical, spelling errors, and typos, make sure the language flow is clear and interesting to read, and all IPENZ guidelines are properly followed.

We also use advanced tools and technology to ensure that your work is unique and plagiarism-free at 100 percent.