Migration Skills Assessment By EA

Migration Skills Assessment By Engineers Australia

Every year thousands of engineers apply to migrate to Australia through Migration Skill Assessment conducted by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia (EA) is an Australian-based skill assessment organization and evaluates engineering skills who wish to relocate to Australia as registered engineers. It is because the engineering profession is so competitive, EA has established several criteria for Engineers Australia Assessment.  

Engineers must submit a CDR report for EA Skill Assessment before applying for immigration to Australia. A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a collection of records that demonstrate an applicant’s abilities. Engineers are evaluated based on their skills, technical knowledge, and personal and professional traits. As a result, engineers must create a faultless CDR following the requirements, including all needed information.

Engineers from outside nations whose universities are not bound by the Washington Accord can apply for the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Engineers Australia program. The EA wants all engineers coming to Australia to have the necessary skills and expertise to work in Australia since they only want skilled engineers. They do this by reviewing the CDR report and looking for the engineer’s degree of competencies and skills. When the CDR report is deemed acceptable, it is chosen for Migration Skills Australia. However, suppose they discover that the applicant lacks the essential abilities or that the CDR contains faults. In that case, they will either decline the application or ask the applicant to resubmit it for review.

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Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia

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Engineers Australia’s Skills Evaluation Committee assesses the applicant’s professional knowledge and abilities before submitting a report to Skill Select. The applicant will apply for a visa to score 60 points, which is the minimal amount of points, within 60 days of the assessment process. Engineers Australia’s MSA classification procedure divides engineers into four categories.

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

Occupational categories recognized by EA

In each category, the engineers have some roles to play based on their skills and knowledge.

Professional Engineer

Professional engineers must have earned a 4-year Australian bachelor’s degree in engineering at a university after completing 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

Both the overall system and the technical programs are under the supervision of the Professional Engineer. Because they will be engaging with clients and must comprehend their interests, a range of partners, and society, they will require leadership and organizational abilities.

Engineers respond to barriers by conquering them, giving rapid solutions to problems and concerns, and resolving risk and safety issues. They must ensure that both scientific and non-technical aspects are taken into account. Even though engineering has physical effects, professional engineers’ practice is primarily analytical. Engineers are primarily concerned with the implementation of new technologies and the advancement of existing ones. For their projects, they should come up with unique and original ideas. Professional engineers may be interested in engineering experimentation and testing and the invention of new concepts.

Professional engineers may participate in technological research and study and produce new concepts and breakthroughs within a broad engineering field.

Engineering Technologist

Engineering technologists must have completed a three-year Australian bachelor of technology degree in engineering following 12 years of education or equivalent.

The majority of engineering technologists’ work involves connecting devices. They typically operate in ambiguous technological contexts, taking on a range of tasks and responsibilities to modify and adapt existing engineering methods. As the name implies, they are experts in the theory and execution of a certain branch of engineering science and its operation, adaptation, or administration in several methods.

Engineering Technologists and Professional Engineers are two different types of engineers, and professional Engineers have more responsibilities than Engineering Technologists. On the other hand, engineering technologists must have a strong understanding of practical situations and implementations and the academic challenge of remaining up to speed on cutting-edge growth as a technological domain specialist and applying it to current practice.

Engineering Associate

A two-year Australian Certificate or Associate Degree in engineering, achieved after 12 years of education or equivalent, is required for Engineering Associate.

Engineers should be able to concentrate on just one component of the operation at a time. They perform a variety of tasks in manufacturing firms and engineering teams. Their primary tasks include feasibility studies, scoping, defining criteria/performance indicators, analyzing and reporting technical and procedural decisions, quality assurance, costing, budget management, record monitoring, quality assurance, etc.

Engineering Manager

A bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or a related subject after 12 years of schooling or equivalent is required for an Engineering Manager.

The Engineering Manager is frequently considered to be a distinct field for relocation purposes. Engineering Manager is not a recognized profession but rather a member of the ANZSCO Managers community.

Project activities, design engineering procedures, policies, and timeframes are all examined by engineering managers. They are in charge of developing engineering strategy, policy, and plans and managing, administering, and overseeing the engineering activities of an organization.

Professionals create, implement, and track innovation strategies, regulations, and plans and provide engineering process direction. They also maintain a performance track to fulfill quality, cost, safety, and timeliness engineering criteria. Technology managers assist engineers in their research and development.

Engineering managers help engineers understand and develop engineering projects. They are in charge of employing, training, and producing workers and planning, organizing, directing, monitoring, and coordinating the technical and technological operations of the company.

Eligibility Criteria for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment

Those candidates, who apply for Skilled Migration, have to meet EA Skill Assessment eligibility criteria.

  • An applicant should be eligible in the particular academic field
  • Just those applicants below 45 years of age are eligible for Australia Immigration
  • The applicant must score 6 points in each of the test components, or for TOEFLiBT to demonstrate English competence, they should score 12 in Listening, 13 in Hearing, 18 in Speaking, and 21 in Writing. These test scores are valid only for three years

For non-accredited Qualifications

Applicants with a technical credential not covered by the Washington Accord must apply CDR for review to the Australia Engineers. A CDR contains,

Summary Statement

A summary statement is created to display all three Career Episodes details. It is written in a tabular manner, and the elements and indicators must be linked in the Career Episodes to appropriate paragraphs.

Three Career Episodes

The Career Episodes are written to highlight your engineering domain knowledge, talent, and attributes. Engineers Australia’s skills assessment process and crucial parts for each Career Episode must show your skills in various engineering activities.

Continuous Professional Development 

CPD is used to demonstrate the tasks that you have done to develop your skills and knowledge. CPD includes tech conferences, training courses, or workshops you have been part of.

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