10 Ways to write a perfect CDR

10 Ways to write a perfect CDR

Are you worried that your CDR will be overlooked or get rejected? Here we have explained 10 suggested directions from our CDR Report Writing experts that can help you qualify on the criteria of Engineers Australia. 10 Ways to compose a perfect CDR report for Australian migration that include Appropriate Introduction, Proper Background, Personal Engineering Activity for the skilled assessment.

10 Ways to write a perfect CDR

10 Ways to write a perfect CDR

1. Appropriate Introduction

Start Preparing your CDR  Report from CPD, Career episodes and Summary statement. You must include the introduction portion that has to be nearly 100 words in length. Include information like:

    • Name of an organization
    • Dates and duration of career episodes
    • Chronological order
    • The location where the engineering experience was gained
    • Title of Professional Engineering job

2. Proper Background

In the background part, you should mention the content of where you have been working or studying. The content has to be nearly 200 to 500 words in length. Include information like:

    • Nature of the overall project
    • Nature of your particular work area
    • Objectives of the project
    • Organizational hierarchy
    • Your Job description or duties and responsibilities

3. Personal Engineering Activity

Personal Engineering Activity is the main part of the Career Episode Report. It is the body of the narrative and the key assessable component. In this part, you should mention and describe the work you performed as an engineer. The content has to be nearly 1000 words in length. Don’t make mistakes by including the team activities because this is the area where you need to emphasize your contributions and roles to the project.

These are the things you should include are:

    • How do you apply your skill and knowledge
    • How you worked with other team members
    • Tasks assigned to you and how you accomplishing them
    • Any technical problem occurred and how you solve them
    • Include creative design work

4. Include Creative Design

The design activities have a higher priority in CDR assessment. If your CDR Report includes the technical creative design then there is a high chance of your report being positively assessed.  That’s why you should explain all the technical experience and creative engineering regarding the designing activities and make sure to highlight it.

5. Include Technical Extremity

The project detail you were involved with and exactly what you contributed to the project are the essential parts to include in your career episode. Each project led to some technological or issues that must be included when writing a CDR document. At least three technical difficulties/problems should be mentioned in your CDR report. While you include the problem statement in your career episodes, you must mention the steps you took to solve them. Always use Australian English in career episode writing.

6. Details about Project Management

Project Management oversees a project to meet goals, timeline, and budget. While writing the CDR Report, you must include the duration of the job experience, the job description, job duties, and responsibilities required to solve the problem. Make sure to include technical detail information like a schedule, assigning the tasks to team members and setting the deadlines for each of the tasks on your report.

7. Summary

The length of this section is 50 to 100 words. You need to pay attention to the technical representatives and how you concluded it.  Give an overview of the overall, mention the strategies you implemented and portray your technical growth while pursuing it. Don’t forget to include the following information are:

    • Overall project description
    • Your Individual Contribution to the project
    • The project fared to meet the goals and requirements

8. Summary Statement

Before writing the CDR Report, you must understand that the CDR report has essential three elements: Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list. Each of them serves an important role in the CDR Report. The summary statement is the first page that most assessors read. It is a crucial and most complex part of any CDR report where you need to demonstrate all the competency elements for the nominated occupational category. In Summary Statement writing you provide the cross-references for all career episodes. It shows how well you analyze information which also provides the first impressions on them. Only one Summary Statement is required for all three career episodes.

9. Avoid Plagiarism

You can take references from CDR samples available on different websites. Do not copy from those CDR samples. Always consider CDR samples a reference and learning purpose. Never try to use the sample from the internet or any other source. Engineers Australia is against plagiarism and if they find out you had copied the content from the sample reports in your CDR report then you might face rejection from the assessment for a year. Engineer Australia has no way to know whether you genuinely made a mistake or tried to do cheating. That’s why before submitting the CDR report to Engineers Australia, first you must use the advanced tools which check out the plagiarism and find out which parts of your CDR need to paraphrasing.

10. A perfect CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Report is required by Engineers Australia for the migration skilled Assessment. In CPD, make sure that an engineer keeps himself up to date with developments in the field of engineering. CPD provides the necessary information: title, date, duration, and venue of the training. You do not need to contain more than one A4 page in Continuing Professional Lists. CPD activities are to be designed to update or to extend your knowledge and skills and enable you to maintain technical competence, successfully deals with changes and serve better the community. Participation in CPD activities grows your networks and contacts. These are 10 Ways to compose a perfect CDR