10 Things You Must Consider While Writing CPD

10 Things You Must Consider While Writing CPD

Are you curious about how to write a flawless CPD for Engineer Australia Skills Assessment? Here you can find the 10 Things You Must Consider While Writing CPD.

Well, here, you can get a complete idea to be considered while writing CPD for Engineer Australia in the easiest way. There are various things to consider while writing CPD For Engineers Australia Skills Assessment.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development that helps explain your knowledge and skills in the related fields. By taking advantage of the CPD, you will be up-to-date in your engineering career with technical progress and skills to be retained.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a means to demonstrate that you will and are keeping up to date on new engineering ideas and discoveries. It is preferable to include all pertinent CPD in the CDR Report. Professional Engineers Competencies are classified into four main elements by Engineers Australia:

CPD helps widen your professional networks and contacts, and it is prepared to check how well you have maintained your chartered status by Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia has categorized the qualifications of Professional Engineers into four Principle Elements: Personal Commitment, Group Obligation, Workplace Interest, and Technical Proficiency.

The CPD report must have the following things:

  • It must be written in a list format.
  • It might include any official or informal engineering-related activity.
  • Include specific details such as the title, date, period, location, and any necessary details.
  • It can’t be longer than one page.
  • Certificates from courses and events in which you participated are not necessary to be attached.

The Main Components of CPD are:

components of CPD

10 Things You Must Consider While Writing CPD :

1. CPD must be in list format with the following necessary information:

  • Title of Training
  • Date of Training
  • Duration of the Training
  • Venue of the Training

2. CPD should be in chronological order.

3. CPD should include the following details:

  • Post-graduate study(formal)
  • Workshops, short courses, seminars, discussion groups, technical meetings, and inspections attended by engineers.
  • Research papers presented or delivered in any conferences or publication
  • Presentation and preparations of material for courses, seminars, conferences, and symposia
  • Services to the Engineering Profession

4. It must include detailed information about the title, date, time, location, and other relevant information.

5. CPD must be on one A4 page. No exceed one page.

6. It is not required to attach the certificates of courses and events you were involved in.

7. CPD is not just a summary of technical skills and knowledge, and it contains things like when you were working for a company, how you use any software or coding, or business management strategies.

8. You must provide the CPD in a list format so that it can be easily understood. A CDR application contains all the relevant CPD, which helps your further career in Australia.

9. Inside the CPD, it only contains the information about what you did but not how you did it.

10. It is not necessary to include all the certificates of courses you have described. As the CPD doesn’t consist of every detail done on the various activities, the CPD should not be too long.

Here is a sample for CPD for CDR Report:

Serials #TitleStart DateFinish DateDurationOrganization
1Bachlor of Science in Industrial Engineering199820004 yearsXXX University

2Production Line PlannerOct 2002Jan 20042 yearsXYZ Organization, India
3Planning and Project Control ExpertJan 2004April 20062 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India
4Project Planner / Scheduler leadApril 2006June 20082 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India
5Project Planner / Scheduler leadJune 2008Jun 20091 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India
6Planning and Project Control ExpertJune 2009Dec 20102 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India
7Planning and Project SupervisorDec 2010Dec 20111 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India
8Planning and Project SupervisorMarch 2012May 20153 yearsXYZ Company, XYZ Power Plant, India

What can you do to improve your CPD?

You must take responsibility for your CPD as a member of Engineers Australia. You should have a strategy in place for how you want to conduct your profession, as well as your career objectives and expectations. You may take complete charge of your CPD by organizing a reflection session and thereby identifying your areas for development. Collect input from your boss and coworkers, assess it, and take action. Always be on the lookout for CPD opportunities and consider how they might benefit your professional development.

Your proactive attitude toward your career will go a long way toward ensuring that the CPD activities you select are beneficial to you. Consider using the above continuing professional development sample to create a personal record for your records. It provides a chronological overview of the CPD along with an appropriate description that may be used to construct your Engineers Australia CPD report. More CPD examples may be found on our website. Our CPD specialists can offer you CPD statement samples and templates based on your engineering field.

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