What should I do if I do not have enough projects for career episodes?

Not Have Enough projects for career episode

CDR Report writing is never an easy task. It requires a high level of technical knowledge and reports writing skills following the Engineers Australia guidelines. The most difficult thing about CDR report writing is the Career Episodes. Yes, those three career episodes you have to write to prove you have done something worthwhile in your engineering career.

Engineers Australia accepts academic or personal project reports from those who do not have enough project reports for their career episodes. Engineers Australia can use this information to assess the candidate’s engineering talents.

A career episode is written in an essay, with a word count of 1000-2500 words. Each career episode must show a unique circumstance unrelated to the others. The first-person singular tense is required for your career episode. The fundamentals of writing a career episode are as follows.

Even with all of this knowledge, many people make blunders when producing a good career episode. That is, of course, entirely understandable. Engineers Australia wants to assess your practical abilities through a career episode.

They’re curious as to how you tackle a problem. What is the degree to which your mind is analytical? What matters is what you can do in practice, not what you’ve studied in theory.

Start with a 100-word introduction to produce a flawless Career Episode. Mention the episode’s time and place of occurrence. Also, include the organization’s name, where the project was carried out, and the position you had.

Next, n roughly 500 words, provide some background on the project. What is the scope of the project? The project’s type, the primary goal you wished to achieve, and the nature of your job. These are the topics that must be discussed.

The main body follows, which should be around 1000 words long. This must include all of the project’s details. Begin by considering your approach to the challenge. Please explain why you choose this method and what you aim to accomplish as a result. Discuss the challenges you experienced along the way and how you overcame them.

Make sure to discuss your contributions and responsibilities. Engineers Australia is uninterested in the team’s efforts. Instead, they want to concentrate on your contribution and abilities.

Engineers Australia is uninterested in your college education. People frequently describe the complexities of mathematical computations and equations. Avoid it as much as possible. Do not pursue a career in mathematics. Pursue the logic. They’re interested in seeing what you can achieve with that logic. How you approach and deal with situations.

Sections of Career Episodes Engineers Australia

Each Career Episodes of the CDR Report must be divided into four sections: Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary Statement. Each section is part of CDR report guidelines should be written differently and contain specific details.


  • It should be around 100 words long.
  • The introduction’s information should be in chronological sequence.
  • Career episodes’ start and end dates, as well as their length.
  • The place where it happened.
  • This is the organization’s name.
  • The title of the position that you hold.


The background of personal engineering activities and work experience related to the ANZSCO Code. It should be written 200 to 500 words long and must mention the following details:

  • Your Engineering project summary.
  • The goals and objectives of projects.
  • Nature of your working environment.
  • The position you are working in the organization.
  • Your roles and responsibilities in the project completion.

Personal Engineering Activity

This section has to mention your professional engineering activity that includes your performance and achievements. You have to explain what you have rather than what your teammates did. The further details you must provide in this section are given below:

  • You will use your engineering knowledge and skills for the project.
  • What responsibilities were assigned to you, and how did you execute them?
  • Any technical difficulties or issues you ran into, as well as how you dealt with them.
  • Based on your original work, you devised techniques and solutions.
  • In terms of collaboration, or how you worked with others.


It brings everything that has been discussed in the preceding parts to a close. It has between 50 and 100 words in it.

In the Summary Section, you have to summarize all the career episode project sections. It must have 50 to 100 world.

  • Summarize the project according to your contribution.
  • Elaborate on your roles and responsibilities.
  • Describe your duties and responsibilities during the project.

Why Do You Need Career Episodes?

Career Episode is a perfect document for applicants to demonstrate their skills and knowledge where applicants have to provide detailed explanations about their past job with duties and responsibilities.

Competency Demonstration Report helps Engineers Australia evaluate engineers’ skills and knowledge who wants to migrate to Australia. The CDR report comprises three career episodes representing the engineering skills and know-how of your last year of engineering, internships, or similar programs.

Those who do not have enough project reports for career episodes might submit an academic project or personal project report to Engineers Australia. This helps Engineers Australia measure the facts on the degree of engineering abilities of the candidate. Thus, a well-written career episode is perfect for anybody who wants to ensure that Engineers Australia evaluates their migration to Australia.